Spyker to decide on Albers next month

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Michiel Mol, the Spyker F1 Director, said that the team will discuss Christijan Albers' position next month. Albers has been outpaced several times by his team mate and rookie driver Adrian Sutil and last weekend, the Dutchman made a big mistake as he drove out the pit lane with the fuel line still attached to his challenger. Mol also admitted that it will be difficult for the team to keep Sutil as driver for next season.

Michiel Mol said in the Spyker F1 Magazine: "We don't have to beat around the bush, Adrian was usually faster than Christijan this year. Chris is struggling with the tuning (of the car). When he finds a good set-up, he immediately goes fast, that's true. Christijan has an aggressive driving style, and that doesn't work well with the current Bridgestone tyres. The new tyres, which are a lot slower than the race rubber from last year, are not suited to rough treatment."

"Fact is, it's pretty remarkable that a rookie is often faster. Chris finds this a difficult situation, which is clear. It is a bit like the situation at McLaren where Hamilton is always faster than Alonso."

With this words, Mol lets shine through that next season, Christijan Albers won't be a part of the Spyker F1 Team. Also the future of Sutil with the team is unclear as various teams have interest in the youngster. Mol said: "Various teams have shown interest in Adrian. And Chris? After a race or two we will sit down at the table with him. He wants to reach the top, but we won't get there by 2008. He is ready for teams like Williams or Toyota, but is that going to happen?"