I don't feel any stress - Hamilton

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As the Belgian Grand Prix is coming up, everything is still possible in both Championships. Lewis Hamilton, the leader in the drivers' standings, doesn't feel any stress in his race to snatch the title in his first ever F1 season.

Lewis Hamilton "Spa is a track that everyone has always talked about and it is with good reason. I love the circuit, it does require a compromise with the set-up to account for the fast straights and corners whilst also ensure you can have the right amount of traction through the slower sections, and it is all about being precise.

"We tested here in July and completed some positive work with Bridgestone. Now I am just waiting to get out there and race in a Formula 1 car for the first time. The situation in both Championships is very close, and people keep talking about pressure, but it just provides me with extra motivation, I certainly don’t feel any stress. There are four races to go, including Belgium, and I will take them all individually and do my best to try and win them."