BMW to investigate defective parts in Munich

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As Nick Heidfeld suffered 2 hydraulic leaks during the free practice session on Friday and Robert Kubica suffered a similar problem during the Chinese race today, the team will have to investigate this problems to prevent them in Brazil.

Robert Kubica “I retired from the race with an hydraulic leak. That more or less says it all as I found myself with no power steering and no gears. It was looking pretty good up to then. We stayed out when it started raining with grooved tyres for three or four laps, which was very difficult, but it paid off. However, in the end it didn’t pay off because I couldn’t finish the race.”

Mario Theissen declared that the team will investigate the problems that have occured this weekend: "It was an extremely hard weekend for our team. On Friday and on Saturday we had hydraulic problems three times. In contrast to European races, here we do not have the opportunity to analyse such a problem and to take the respective measures. Therefore, we knew before the race started there was a risk of a failure. Anyway, it is hard for Robert to roll to a stop while leading the race.

"We will take the defective parts to Munich in our hand luggage in order to start the analysis on Monday morning."