Alonso defends decision to race for McLaren in 2007

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In an interview with the official formula one site,, Fernando Alonso defended his decision to race for McLaren during the past season. Only after a year, the two-time World Champion is searching for a new team as he ended his contract with McLaren.

Alonso said: “This year I had the opportunity to win the championship again, so from that point of view the switch (from Renault) was a good decision. The team did a fantastic job to have a competitive car so I was able to fight until the last race and finished only one point behind the champion. So in that respect I think it has been a very positive season.

“Outside the car for sure we had some ups and downs, better moments and worse moments, but I think this happens in every job. I will remember this year for my four victories I had in important places, where I had not won before, like Monza, and Monaco again for a second time.”

After a very difficult season, Alonso's focus is now on 2008 and for which team he'll drive that season: “Hopefully for next year I’ve learnt some lessons and I’ll try again. For every driver, when we lose a championship we start thinking about why we lost. But we lost, so there is nothing more we can do. It’s history. The future is the place where you can change things - and the future already has begun. Looking back over my shoulder I feel quite comfortable.”