Sad and disappointed - Sato

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Two days after the withdrawal of the Super Aguri Formula One Team, Takuma Sato has reacted to the fact that he will no longer come in action this season. Just like team mate Davidson, Sato is very disappointed that the team is no longer on the F1 grid.

Takuma Sato: "What can I say except that I am so sad and disappointed that the Super Aguri F1 team has had to withdraw from F1.

"I realised that the situation for the team was very difficult but I really hoped that all the parties involved would find a solution. Unfortunately for whatever reasons this has not happened...

"With all the problems going on I have just tried to stay optimistic and focus on supporting the team in any way I can.

"Super Aguri has always been a small team but with a big heart and mega spirits. Every single person at Leafield did the most amazing job when the team started two and a half years ago by getting us to the grid in just four months, finishing in the top ten in our very first year and scoring four points last season. They are a group of real professionals who can do almost the impossible.

"I have massive respect for everything that Aguri-san has done for us; he has worked so hard to keep things going. I will also never forget all the team members who have put so much effort into this team and would like to thank them for what was achieved it the short life of the SAF1 team. It is incredible to think that just one year ago we scored our first ever point and the emotion and excitement of that moment has turned to such disappointment just one year on.

"At this time I am not sure what will happen next as I have been concentrating all my efforts on racing for SAF1. I will be looking at my options with my manager and will make an announcement once it is appropriate. However, I have no intention to retire from F1. I feel I am driving at the top of my game and want to give so much more to my fans and supporters in Japan and worldwide who have been so incredibly supportive to me during my whole career."