Automobil clubs join forces in final attempt to force Mosley to retire

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Yesterday, it leaked out that FIA President Max Mosley refused a compromise deal that, in exchange for him stepping down as FIA president this November, would have guaranteed a confidence vote for him in next week's General Assembly meeting. Today, a number of automobil clubs joined forces in a final attempt to force Mosley out of his office.

The clubs were surprised when Mosley has said he refused to resign or even accept a compromise agreement. This resulted in a letter being sent by the clubs to Mosley. The letter was signed and sent by representatives from America (AAA and AATA), Austria (OEMTC), Belgium (TCB), Brazil (CCB), Canada (CAA), Denmark (FDM), Finland, (AL), France (FFA), Germany (ADAC), Hungary (MAK), India (FIAA), Israel (MEMSI), Japan (JAF), Singapore (AAS), Spain (RACC and RACE), Sweden (M), Switzerland (TCS) and the Netherlands (KNAC).

The letter states: "The FIA is in a critical situation. Its image, reputation and credibility are being severely eroded. Every additional day that this situation persists, the damage increases. There is no way back.

"We take note of the letter sent by B. Ecclestone to all member clubs, stating his support for the FIA as the sole body governing international motor sport and his willingness to continue working with the FIA, irrespective of the result of the Extraordinary General Assembly on June 3rd. We believe that his explanations put in due perspective the state of the relationship between the FIA and the Formula 1 world, taking away relevance to many of the arguments you make in your letter to justify your continuity. We take note of his point on the importance that a credible and respected president leads the FIA.

"We strongly believe that the only respectable way forward for the FIA, and for yourself, is to have an orderly transition, with an immediate agreement and your commitment to step down.

"This is a constructive effort to facilitate an orderly transition within the FIA and to find a solution to the present crisis. Instead, your intention to remain until the end of your term in 2009, in spite of the severe damage being inflicted to the FIA, could imply putting personal considerations before the interests of the FIA and its member clubs."

On Tuesday 3 June, the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting of the FIA Senate will take place in Paris. The General Assembly will include a vote of confidence by secret ballot.