Vettel joins the action at Spain

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A different Seb in the cockpit, as Vettel took over from Bourdais, but the same programme for Scuderia Toro Rosso on the last day of what was for us a two day test. The main item on the agenda was a completely new aero package and, like yesterday, the team got on with the job ofunderstanding how it worked and its effect on the car's handling.

"We tried various set-ups with the French race in mind and continued with evaluation of new suspension components," said Chief Engineer, Laurent Mekies. "We feel we have made a step forward but we won't really know where we are until we get to Magny-Cours. Despite a couple of problems over the past two days, we nevertheless managed to successfully complete a long run programme too."

Next event on the agenda is Bourdais' home race, followed a couple of days later by the next three day test at Silverstone.