Searching for agreement with Donington - Ecclestone

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Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone hinted that Donington Park in Derbyshire is a very good candidate to host the British Grand Prix instead of the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire. Bernie has been trying to persuade the British Racing Drivers Club to upgrade the out-of-date facilities of Silverstone for years, but now appears to have lost his patience as he's looking for alternatives.

In and interview with the British newspaper 'The Times', Ecclestone declared that he is doing everything he can to ensure the survival of the British Grand Prix, but that the prefers Donington as host instead of Silverstone. According to Bernie, the management of Donington Park has better cards on the table to be able to pay the annual fee to stage a Grand Prix.

“We are discussing the possibility of reaching an agreement with Donington to host the British Grand Prix," Bernie said. "We are trying to save the British Grand Prix and we want it to be staged at a venue which befits an event of its stature. I’ve been in negotiations for a long time and whether or not we’re going to do a deal with Donington or Silverstone, I don’t know. Donington have said they are going to build everything we want. Have they got the money? Only time will tell. But I think there is more chance of Donington having the money than the BRDC.”