Not everybody happy with proposed SC changes after test at France

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Today, the F1 teams tested a possible new safetey car procedure. During the test, which took place at the end of the second free practice session, the standard ECU was used to inform drivers about how slow they must go through an incident. The drivers were asked to select 'safety car' mode within five seconds of a message being displayed on their dashboard.

But some of the drivers described the procedure as distracting and they expressed concern over its implementation in race conditions.

According to GPDA chair man, Pedro de la Rosa, the changes for the safety car regulations are still far from being implemented. He said to our colleagues at "It is just in the early stages. To be implemented it has to work well and for everybody to be happy with it. At the moment not everybody is. Some people are in favour of it, some of them are not, so I don't think there is consensus between us.

"We just have to be sensible about it and normally Charlie Whiting is very sensible. If he considers the system improves what we have then it will be implemented, otherwise we will wait.

"The reality is that no one is sure about it. It is just a new solution that requires a difficult implementation because it requires software change. And we just need to try it on track and see if it works. If it does and everybody is happy with it then it will be introduced. But the FIA is trying different solutions to improve what we have."