Formula two to compete GP2 ?

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At today's world motorsport council, the FIA have decided they wish to push forward with a still to be introduced racing formula, named Formula Two. The new series is supposed to provide an easy way for drivers or team personnel to eventually find their way to Formula One.

The statement said: "The FIA will invite tenders for a new feeder series for Formula One. This championship, called Formula Two, would be launched in 2009 and used as an inexpensive platform to develop emerging driver talent for Formula One. It is hoped this can be achieved within a budget of around €200,000 a car per season."

As it is coming together, the series will likely rival the current GP2 series, a modern variant of the late F3000. Since its inauguration, helped by Briatore and Ecclestone, all winners, including Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Nelson Piquet have found their way to Formula One.

In that respect, the F2 idea can easily be interpreted as a provocation towards Bernie and his commercial rights company. After all, it was also decided at the WMSC meeting that a discussion would be started about the manner in which Formula One is run today.