Ferrari tries 2012 prototype front wing

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With the focus now completely on 2012, Ferrari were earlier this week reported of working against the clock to get a new front wing ready for the Korean GP. And somewhat unsurprisingly, they got it done in time.

Ferrari's new front wing is a completely different beast to the previous versions fitted on the F150° Italia. The main plane of the wing is now entirely flat until very close to the endplate. The main plane is now also slotted, and together with a single flap on top of it replaced the 3-element front wing that was used in Singapore and on most Friday runs at Korea.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is how Ferrari have moved the endplates further outboard, increasing the wing's width inside the endplates. This creates a much simpler endplate that is now a single element, while it also increases the width of the stacked flap.


By Steven on 15-10-2011 at 07:58

Alonso is running the new front wing on Saturday sessions and therefore also in the race. Massa is using the older version.

By maxblack02 on 20-10-2012 at 01:53

The Ferrari team really did a fast track on this front wing. They did an excellent job in a short period of time. I would be glad if carparts like this one would be available on production sports car so we can adjust aerodynamic of your car without putting so much bucks in buying aftermarket parts.

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