Caterham debuts new nose cone

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It's a God's gift, Caterham's new nose cone on the CT05. While the visual appearance may not have been the top priority for the team in terms of aerodynamic development, the modified nose cone is a whole lot better looking that before. True, it could still be better, but such as the rules that strange looking noses are currently a good solution to keep airflow underneath the nose.

In any case, Caterham did not change much to the concept of its car, retaining the matte black cone that forms the front crash structure. Above that however is now a much more elegant structure, slightly rounded at the top and including a vanity panel to create a smooth, continuous upper surface towards the monocoque. With the team not modifying the front suspension, it's good to see how much higher the nose is around the upper wishbone, while at the bottom, at the connection point of the pull rod, the bodywork is more rounded.

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