Ferrari tweaks front wing

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While Mercedes introduced fairly extensive updates on their car's rear wing endplates and barge boards, Ferrari had some upgrades that focused mostly on the front of the car. Apart from a pair of small winglets behind the front suspension, the front wing was modified to further improve airflow control ahead of the front wheels.

Following the trend of pushing as much air as possible outboard of the front wheels, the front wing endplates were modified to feature a curved trailing edge, allowing more air to stream outward and around the front wheels. For the same reasons, the curvature on the leading edge of the footplate was also changed, reducing the total surface of the wing element and slightly increasing the side of the channel in between the wing's base plane and the footplate.

All in all, this underlines the direction in which F1 front wing designs are evolving, with designers increasingly trying to find improvements downstream, thanks to vortices, rather than looking for outright additional front downforce.


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