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Hispania continue use of low downforce rear wing

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Hispania have chosen to continue running their lower downforce rear wing specification at Valencia after introducing it at Canada. The wing's endplates are identical to the previous specification rear wing, but the main flap has been reduced in size.

Particular about this wing is that it's not fixed at the maximum height of the rear wing, but instead is a bit lower to the ground. In fact it's the lower possible according to the regulations. While Red Bull have gone the other way wit... Read more

HRT run new nose and front wing

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The troubled HRT have finally managed to get some new parts through customs, now including a completely new nose and front wing assembly. Because the new nose didn't pass the crash test in time, HRT had to run the old version, including a 2010 front wing which was a bad match with the rest of the car.

At Malaysia, things appear to be on the upper hand, as both cars were running well within the 107% on Friday. Part of this is surely because of the updated front wing which lacks the e... Read more