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Major aerodynamic update on Sauber C30

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Sauber introduced a major upgrade on its car, consisting entirely of aerodynamic parts. The team was struggling in the last few races to keep up with its pace earlier on in the season and with it at least a point scoring finish was made possible again. The team though mentions that the update package was planned for a long time and is not a reaction to disappointing performances.

Included in the update is a new rear wing, now with a curved up leading edge in the middle part of the w... Read more

Sauber split turning vanes under nosecone

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The Sauber C30 underwent a face-lift at the Spanish GP as several different updates were added to the car. One of those is the new turning vane combination, attached to the bottom of the nose cone. The new version has one smaller vane outside of the nose cone, with another one behind it, positioned a little more inward.

The newer design provides the car with better front airflow management in combination with its all new front wing. By placing the second vane more inward, more air i... Read more

New front wing on Sauber C30

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Among other updates, Sauber have introduced a brand new front wing design at Barcelona, with both drivers testing the wing during Friday practice sessions. The new wing appears to put the emphasis of creating downforce in the area just ahead of the front wheel, whereas the flap part closest to the car's centreline has less surface to allow a more clean airflow towards the sidepod inlets.

As ever, much performance is found in the front wing endplates, and as such the design has evolv... Read more