Brabham BT24

Brabham BT24 image

Active: 1967 - 1969
Team: Brabham Motor Racing Developments

In 1967 Ron Tauranac built the BT23 for Formula 2 and the BT24 for Formula One. The latter featured different suspension, brakes, wheels and gearbox to cope with the new Repco engine.

As the car was built around their trusted design principles used for several years, it seemed outdated (especially compared to the newly introduced Lotus 49 ) but thanks to its reliability managed to score three 1-2 finishes in the hands of Brabham and Hulme. With the addition of winning the Monaco Grand Prix in the BT20, it was enough for Hulme to score his first Driver's Championship, just ahead of his boss. Together they also secured the second consecutive Constructor's Championship for the Brabham team.

The overall package, although underpowered was extremely light and agile.


Body: Fibreglass built by Specialized Mouldings UK
Colour scheme: Dark green with bronze striping, white manifold covers, chrome megaphones
Chassis: A revised and strengthened version of the BT23 mild tube steel spaceframe with modified rear suspension and additional 1.75 wheelbase. It is a spaceframe chassis of round and square tubing very light weighing just 70 lbs. The only all spaceframe chassis of 1968. All other GP cars were aluminium full monocoques with pontoons or rear steel tube spaceframe supporting engine.
Weight: 1,140 lbs
Front Wheels: 6 stud, Brabham wheel cast in aluminium, 8x15, tyres 10.95 inch wide Goodyears
Rear Wheels: 6 stud, Brabham wheel cast in aluminium, 12x15, tyres 13.10 wide Goodyears
Front suspension: The BT23 and BT24 used identical front suspension of triangulated steel tubular double wishbones, outboard mounted Armstrong springs/shocks, anti swaybar
Rear suspension: Strengthened for the BT24 car, triangulated steel tubular lower wishbone, single upper link, double radius arms, outboard mounted Armstrong springs/shocks
Brakes: Steel Girling discs, Ferodo pads, front and rear brakes mounted outboard
Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons in 2 aluminum gas tanks mounted on each side of cockpit
Fuel and Oil: Gulf
Differential: Hewland 5 HD 5 speed gearbox with ZF mechanical limited slip differential.
  • Repco 1967 Type 640: 310hp at 7800rpm
  • Repco 1968 Type 740: 350hp at 8000rpm; SOHC, BxS-89mmx60,Lucas mechanical fuel injection, coil, distributor, ignition system


Wheelbase: 94 inches
Front Track: 52.5 inches
Rear Track: 55 inches
Overall Length: 155 inches
Overall width: 68 inches
Height: 38 inches

Photo copyright (upper): Geoffrey Goddart, The GP Library
Thanks to Randcarl Gibbons