BRM P115

BRM P115 image

Active: 1967 - 1968
Team: British Racing Motors

The P115 was the second model of BRM that was fitted with the renowned 3.0 litre H16 engine. The chassis itself was built for Jackie Stewart in 1967 and saved 55kg by using a magnesium cockpit. It therefore totalled around 670kg.

Back in 1966, when the engine regulations changed to allow 3 litre normally aspirated, British Racing Motors commissioned the development of an unusual 16 cylinder engine, in an 'H' formation. The BRM H16 was derived from basically 2 flat 1.5 litre V8 engines with the 2 crankshafts connected by gears. It was regarded as a very powerful engine at it's inception but appeared not to be competitive due to its weight and various problems under acceleration. The cylinder heads were DOHC/2valves.


Weight: 670kg
Length: 3.65m (144in)
Width: 1.67m (66in)
Body width: 0.75m (29,75in)
Front track: 1.50m (59in)
Rear track: 1.52m (60in)
Gearbox: BRM 6-speed


Designation: BRM H16
Capacity: 2996cc
Configuration: 16 naturally aspirated cylinders in H
Power: 405bhp @ 10500 rpm (could be pushed to close to 600bhp @ 12000 rpm)
Bore: 69.88mm
Stroke: 48.89mm

Photo copyright (upper): Geoffrey Goddart, The GP Library