Toyota working hard on KERS development

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After doubting that their KERS system would be ready on time, the Cologne based Toyota F1 team has now pointed out that they are working hard and will do their best to have it ready come March of 2009.

Engine chief Luca Marmorini stated in a recent interview by the Toyota press office, "Our development is focused on producing a KERS system which is appropriate for Formula One and brings performance increase. We have a group dedicated to this and we trust them to deliver."

And while other teams such as Honda and BMW have already run their systems on track, Marmorini added that Toyota will not run their own system on track until it has met their 'stringent requirements for performance and safety'. This point of view might have been further enforced by the Jerez test incident where a BMW mechanic suffered an electric shock when he touched the car running KERS.

While he also said that 95% of KERS development could be done on the simulation dyno, and that running the new system in the TF108 would provide little advantage because the TF109 will be a very different design altogether, considering the new regulations for 2009.