Nice to have a night race in F1 - Raikkonen

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Kimi Raikkonen arrived in Singapore from a trip to the Gulf states for sponsorship duties and as usual, with the most relaxed driver in the sport, the Finn did not seem at all bothered by this race weekend's unusual time table.

"For the moment, I haven't changed my sleeping habits at all, so I'll wait and see how that goes. It's a night race, but it's not really in the middle of the night, it is more a case of an evening race, which means I am treating it as a normal weekend. I sleep when I feel like it and wake up when I feel like it."

As for the championship situation, there was little change to Raikkonen's usual answer over the past few weeks: "Hopefully, we can have some good results in the remaining four races and then we will see what the situation is. I am going to take it race by race, not worry about anything, hopefully have some fun and win some races. As long as I have a chance for the title race, even though I have to admit it is a small chance now, then I will be pushing as hard as I can. But the most important thing is that Ferrari wants to win both titles and we will see what is the best way to achieve that."

As for the circuit itself, Kimi was keen to get round it for his first real look at the newest venue on the calendar. "I haven't seen the circuit yet, but yesterday I saw the lights were on around the track and it looked exactly like daylight so I am not expecting any problems from a driving point of view. I think it is nice to have something new like a night race in Formula 1 and I think for the spectators it will look pretty cool. I like evenings more than mornings so this should suit me well. As for our car, it seems to work well wherever we go, so I have no concerns about that and tomorrow in the first practice, we will find out about the track surface and whether or not it is bumpy and adapt the car accordingly. We had a very good test in Mugello, so I am pretty confident we should be okay."