Difficult weekend for Trulli, but Glock in the top 10

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During the first ever qualifying session under floodlights at the all-new Marina Bay street circuit, Toyota driver Timo Glock was able to put his car 8th for the race while team mate Jarno Trulli just fell out of the top ten and will start from 11th place.

Timo Glock (Car 12, Chassis TF108-07)
Summary: Great lap on prime tyres to reach Q3 before claiming his second best qualifying result of the season. PROVISIONAL GRID: 8th
FP3 15th Best Lap Time: 1m 46.180s (+1.674s) Laps: 23
Q1 10th Best Lap Time: 1m 45.184s (+0.902s) Laps: 9
Q2 6th Best Lap Time: 1m 44.441s (+0.427s) Laps: 6
Q3 8th Best Lap Time: 1m 46.328s (+1.527s) Laps: 6
"I did everything I could today and I am happy with eighth place. My lap in Q2 was very good and it was a pleasant surprise to be so competitive because we have had a few difficulties earlier in the weekend. We have improved the stability of the car quite a bit because it was not ideally suited to the bumpy surface, so it was very satisfying to qualifying in the top 10. It is a real challenge to get a perfect lap in qualifying here because the grip levels change from corner to corner and the weather conditions are extreme - it is very hot in the cockpit. I expect overtaking will be very difficult here so we are in a good position for the race. I am pleased with this result."

Jarno Trulli (Car 11, Chassis TF108-05)
Summary: Set his best lap on prime tyres but dropped out of top 10 in the final seconds of Q2. PROVISIONAL GRID: 11th
FP3 16th Best Lap Time: 1m 46.221s (+1.715s) Laps: 19
Q1 13th Best Lap Time: 1m 45.642s (+1.360s) Laps: 6
Q2 11th Best Lap Time: 1m 45.038s (+1.024s) Laps: 6
"That was a difficult and frustrating qualifying session for me. I didn't get the grip or the feel from the car that I wanted and that is why I didn't make it to Q3. We have been struggling a bit all weekend on this track and we are not helped by the bumps, but it is still disappointing not to qualify in the top 10. I did my best but the lap time just wasn't there. I will push as hard as possible tomorrow and we will see what we can do."

Pascal Vasselon, Senior General Manager Chassis: "The circumstances were quite a challenge in qualifying. In terms of tyres the situation was a little unexpected because there was no clearly preferred compound for qualifying and we used both before finishing with the prime. For the race, that decision is clearer. It was all about getting a lap at the right time and it was not that obvious, especially in the first session when there were a lot of cars on the track. At one stage we were close to missing out in Q1 but in the end it worked out reasonably well and we got both cars through. Timo did a very good job to reach Q3 relatively easily and eighth is a promising position. Jarno has had a difficult weekend and we were hoping he could find something extra from the car in qualifying. He did that but he was just out of the top 10. Starting from 11th could be very interesting in the race because we are free to choose his fuel load and it could be an eventful race."