Russia to start building F1 circuit

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Russian media have reported that the much anticipated "Moscow Raceway" will now finally be built. Construction is planned to commence on Wednesday. The new circuit, designed by German Hermann Tilke, will be built close to Volokolamsk, approximately 80 kilometers West of Moscow.

Hans Geist who was formerly the manager of the Formula One circuits in Austria and Bahrain has been appointed to oversee the construction.

Although it will be built to conform with F1 specifications, the circuit is initially expected to host a round of the German DTM touring car championship and a MotoGP motorcycle race, as soon as it opens in 2010.

In February, Geist told the Austrian Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper: "The track will be designed by Hermann Tilke to formula one standards. But the operator may not necessarily have a grand prix, even if the opportunity would be accepted if presented."