Di Montezemolo expects 1-2 finish for Ferrari in last three races

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Despite the fact Ferrari is loosing ground in both championships, President Luca di Montezemolo has faith that his team will be able to fight back. At the moment we have a similar situation as in 2008: 3 races before the end of the season Lewis Hamilton is leading the standings. But it was Raikkonen and not Hamilton who took the championship victory in 2008. Di Montezemolo is confident that this scenario can repeat itself this season, but this time perhaps with Felipe Massa.

di Montezemolo said to the Italian newspaper 'Gazzetta dello Sport': "It was a bitter day, but there are three races yet and I have faith in all Ferrari's men, who have always demonstrated they're able to fight to the last metre in every circumstance. We saw that last year in the final race in Brazil.

"The car is the best, Massa is the best, and I expect Raikkonen to show in these last three races to be the world champion.

"Ferrari went through times much more difficult than this. We saw throughout the weekend that our car was the best and that Massa did an extraordinary qualifying, demonstrating to be be the driver in the best shape. I expect Massa and Raikkonen to always finish first and second in the three remaining races. In any case, ahead of McLaren."