Hamilton hasn't been in a bad car - Button

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Honda Racing F1 Team driver Jenson Button has congratulated new champion Lewis Hamilton for winning his first title, but according to the Briton his compatriot hasn't been tested fully in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Button said to 'Eurosport': "Hamilton hasn't been in a bad car. It's an experience and you learn from it, you become a better driver trying to work with a bad car.

Button admitted that he would rather be in the place of Hamilton, but was a true gentleman and congratulated his colleague: "I'd rather be world champion than Lewis, of course. Because that's why we do what we do. But he's done a great job this season.

"He's done it with a team that's produced a very good car, but he's still won the World Championship and he's still beaten his team-mate and the Ferraris, which were very competitive this year."