Next year I'd like to be top six - Nelsinho

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Nelson Piquet Jr.'s contract with the ING Renault F1 Team was renewed after a difficult 2008 season. The Brazilian hopes that the improvements made at the end of the season can enable the team to make a good start next season.

Nelson Piquet Jr., who retired in 9 of the 18 races, said at the Renault Roadshow in New Dehli: "It wasn't the season I dreamed of. I had a lot of ups and downs and problems but learnt a lot."

"The car changed a lot from 2007. That is why in the beginning it was a big shift and we were still developing a lot. Next year, there is going to be another big shift but mechanically, suspension, it is not going to change that much. So I think we are going to continue in a good phase.

"We have to be a bit optimistic, I think we've a good chance of being regularly on the podium. This year I wanted to be in the top 10, I finished 12th. Next year I'd like to be top six in the championship."