Honda visits Meninos do Morumbi

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Following the Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying session last Saturday the entire Honda Racing Formula One Team visited the Meninos do Morumbi project, funded by the earthdreams project, in Morumbi, Brazil.

Founded in Sao Paulo by professional musician Flávio Pimenta 11 years ago, Meninos do Morumbi – one of nine projects supported by earthdreams – supports and cares for more than 4,000 young people through an inspirational blend of musical teaching, sports, information technology, environmental education, arts and English. The organization also feeds in excess of 1,000 young people daily.

The partnership with earthdreams created an innovative “Environmental Reporter” education programme, developing activities that allow an environmental conscience to grow through a better knowledge of the natural dynamics of the region where the children live.

“Meninos do Morumbi inspires children through music, education & sport. These children come from some of the toughest neighbourhoods in the world where the advantages enjoyed by children in Europe are not a birthright,” says Pimenta. “We provide a basic opportunity for kids who, despite their disadvantaged background, are immensely proud and talented.

“The earthdreams environmental awareness programme enabled them to understand more about the world around them & the part they play in it. We are hugely proud & excited to be partners of the Honda Racing F1 Team and benefit greatly from the association with earthdreams.”

Team Principal Ross Brawn commented, “Our visit was inspirational and gave some 70 members of the race team a unique insight into the impact that the Meninos do Morumbi’s project has had to the young people of Sao Paulo. Not only was it wonderful to experience their fantastic dancing and music, we saw for ourselves firsthand how earthdreams can power dreams one lap at a time.”

“This was a great end to the season,” said Sporting Director Ron Meadows. “The lads not only enjoyed the evening but came away very moved by the visit. We are proud to be partnered with this wonderful project and next year we will definitely be back!”