Vettel good for the team - Webber

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The arrival of Sebastien Vettel at the Red Bull Racing F1 team will be a benefit to the entire team, Mark Webber shared shared in an interview with 'autosport' recently. Saying that he will provide new and fresh ideas, which will help boost the teams performance, as well as add pressure to provide him similar if not better results compared to STR.

"There will be a lot of pressure on the team with him arriving, because it needs to be a step forward for him, so they need to give him at least what Toro Rosso gave him this year in terms of performance," said Mark Webber.

"I think it is good for the team that they have someone who has been going quick in the same car in another team with Sebastian. It is nice to have that. I am always a big fan of having fresh ideas from other teams, whether it is a driver or an engineer," added the Australian.