Renault conducts straight line test at Kemble Airport

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The ING Renault F1 team have conducted a straight line test at Kemble Airport. As the first test of the new R29 didn't go as smoothly as expected, the team has to search for new solutions to make the car faster. The test at Kemble was the first step in the right direction. The team will now focus on the following test session at Jerez to further improve the car.

There are rumours that Fernando Alonso is not too happy with the current state of the car, a signal for the team to work even harder on the new R29.

The first test with the car, two weeks ago at Portimão was mostly soaked and therefore irrelevant for performance adjustments. With very limited testing opportunities, teams are now looking into straight line tests - which are also limited - to evaluate the car's lift to drag ratio.