Appointment at Bahrain for F60

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The Ferrari F60 is back on the track: the appointment is set for tomorrow 10 February, at the Sakhir circuit. It will be the first of eight days of testing for Ferrari, until 19th February. Felipe Massa will be behind the wheel until Wednesday, followed by Kimi Raikkonen on Thursday and Friday, while in the next week Kimi will be on the track Monday, 16th and Tuesday 17th, with Felipe behind the wheel the two final days. BMW and Toyota will join the Scuderia Ferrari on the track.

The F60 will be fitted with some minor updates, especially on its two wings, while, all things considered, its configured as it was presented during the test sessions at Mugello. Over the last weeks the Team has been working a lot with the simulator at the FIAT research centre with Marc Gené, Andrea Bertolini and Gimmi Bruni: the main goal was to further deepen the knowledge of the new car and the behaviour of the 2009 tyres. Meanwhile at Maranello the Team analysed the first data collected of the F60's functioning, worked on the test bank and developed new aerodynamic solutions, which will be used at the first GP, on 29th March at Melbourne.

The test sessions at Sakhir will be intense: with this year's tests limited there are just 16 days left until the Championship starts. Therefore it will be fundamental to make the best use out of the remaining time. Under this aspect Ferrari decided, like over the last years, to test on the Bahrain circuit, considering the better weather conditions compared to Europe. Furthermore the temperatures will be above 20°C, which will enable the Team to examine the car's reliability and verify the tyres behaviour under conditions similar to the ones during the season.