Vettel hungry to get his hands on new RB5

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After the obligatory new car photo-shoot, Sebastian Vettel strolled across from the garage to the Red Bull hospitality unit to face the media, although obviously his thoughts on the car will have to wait until later today, when he’s actually driven the thing.

So conversation turned to his views on his new team and his hopes for the season. “The food and the language,” was his succinct summary of the difference between Scuderia Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing. “But it’s not a disaster,” Vettel added to much laughter from the journalists; the implication being that Seb might not be a fan of British cuisine.

“Seriously though, this is a much bigger team, so the important thing for me is to know who the key people are for me to work with and that integration process has been going well over the winter. I don’t feel under any more pressure than last year, I just plan to keep learning and to keep pushing myself.”

But what did he expect from the coming season? “I haven’t even driven the car yet, so it’s a bit early, but I do think the big changes to the rules could help teams like ours close up on the front runners, but I expect Ferrari and McLaren to be favourites again this year.” Drivers will have a few more buttons to press this season, with the advent of KERS and the adjustable front wing.

“I think if you find a clever way of using these things, then it could give you an advantage,” reckoned the German. Pressed by the press on his expectations for 2009, Seb was understandably cautious. “I think we must aim to finish in the points on a regular basis and it would be nice to do better than that now and again,” he added with a smile.