Renault could use diffuser at China, Briatore no fan of the device

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The Formula One teams which are currently not using the controversial diffuser are planning to develop a similar design for their own cars. Flavio Briatore, who is no fan of the device, believes that the diffusers could be a safety problem in the future and a waste of money in a time of crisis.

Flavio Briatore said: "What is happening with the diffusers is stupid, forcing teams to spend money in a time of crisis.

"It is also about safety: we have already put similar pieces in our wind tunnel and it gives 14 per cent more downforce. That is not in the spirit of the regulations. And once they are developed we could be talking 30 or 40 per cent additional"

Despite the fact that Briatore is no fan of the controversial diffusers, the teams already using the device proved that, if Renault wants to keep up in 2009, it will become a necessity to develop the diffusers. According to rumours in the paddock, Renault could be racing the new diffuser next month during the Chinese Grand Prix.