No Michelin tyres in Italy?

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Article 77 of the FIA sporting regulations describes in details the characteristics that a tyre must have but it is clearly stated that these elements are for a new tyre, inflated at 1,4 bar. This week however, the FIA is saying that these characteristics must be followed all the time, including during the race or at a control point after the race.This situation upsets Pierre Dupasquier because the FIA want the new interpretation of article 77 to be valid as soon as the Italian GP, which is absolutely impossible according to Duspasquier.

As a matter of fact, the tyres for the Italian GP are already made or almost ready. So what can Michelin offer to their customers in Italy ? A tyre that doesn't exist or a new tyre that has never been tested before ? In these conditions, it may be better to just stay home...

That is exactly what Pierre Dupasquier is thinking about : "If the FIA stay on its position, it is possible that the five teams using Michelin tyres will not make the start of the Italian GP," declared the Michelin Competition boss.