Red Bull struggling for balance on hot Hungarian Friday

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As usual during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, it was a very hot Friday for the Formula One teams at The Red Bull Racing F1 Team has had a positive day however the team still needs to sort out a bit of balance problems with the cars.

Car 14 Mark Webber: “We’ve had a good day so far. It’s normal for Budapest to be pretty warm, so we’ve experienced the normal characteristics and the problems that Budapest throws at the engineers and drivers. The car seems to be going OK at the moment – we’ll see what fuel loads people are running as usual tomorrow and on Sunday. We’ve got a bit of work to do with our car but, in general, it’s been a reasonably positive day, with the exception of stopping towards the end of the second session with a hydraulic problem.”
First Practice Session
Position: 4, Best Time: 1:22.615, Laps: 21, Chassis No. 2
Second Practice Session Position: 4, Best Time 1:22.369, Laps: 29, Chassis No. 2

Car 15 Sebastian Vettel: “A hot, hot Friday, obviously the sun is out in Hungary, which makes it hot in the car, but it’s OK. Overall I think we are still struggling to find the balance – I’m not yet 100% happy, so we need to look into it carefully overnight to see where we are. Hopefully we can make a step forward tomorrow and then it will be all about qualifying as usual. I think it’s much closer here than at previous races, other teams are very competitive, so we will see!”
First Practice Session
Position: 15, Best Time: 1:23.283, Laps: 25, Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session Position: 6, Best Time: 1:22.550, Laps: 30, Chassis No. 4

Session one: Mark Webber 1:22.615 21 laps. Sebastian Vettel 1:23.283 25 laps; Session two: Webber 1:22.369 29 laps; Vettel 1:22.550 30 laps.