This may be the worst Formula One ever - Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, the only man of the current F1 drivers to have won two World Championships has spoken out about his beliefs and feelings on the state of the sport. With many years of experience, the Spaniard goes as far as saying that F1 is worse than ever.

In an interview with David Tremayne for 'The Independent', Alonso has revealed without hesitation that he believes Formula One is in a terrible situation right now.

"This is the worst Formula One we had in many years, maybe the worst in history," he says trenchantly, "because of the politics and all of the fights. We need to find a solution as soon as possible. These six months, they have been very bad for Formula One. The people at home, they don't understand why Ferrari isn't winning. They don't understand about diffusers and KERS [Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems], they care about the show. And every week we have two or three press releases, from the FIA, from Fota, this is not our dream of Formula One!"

Alonso also believes that KERS and the moveable front wing have not had their desired effect and were essentially introduced at a terrible time.

"The rest of the regulations, I don't think they are great. The KERS [which store and use energy generated under braking] is the big mistake of the year. We introduce the KERS in the wrong moment, with the economical situation that we have now. The teams have spent a lot of money for nothing. And the aerodynamics... the cars don't look too good."

He did however admit that the double deck diffuser was a wrong interpretation of the rules, but it was the same for most of the teams. Those who had it right are now in front, the others are simply chasing to fix the situation and gain the lost pace.

A possible resolution for this weird performance change from year to year would be more consistent regulations, a point he shared with all Formula One teams.

"FIA cannot do the rules as they want, every day changing. We need consistency. You have to reduce the cost, but step by step and not forgetting this is Formula One, this is new technology, this is the highest in motorsport. You cannot destroy 60 years of history of Formula One."

At least there are still some of the drivers that dare to say it like it is.