Massa in hospital after qualifying crash

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Felipe Massa has been airlifted to hospital after suffering a very awkward crash during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Brazilian got his by a metallic part from Barrichello's Brawn GP car and violently hit the tyre barriers on the outside of Turn 4.

Just at the end of Q2 and while running a quick lap, the Brazilian got hit on the helmet by a metallic piece of the heave bar of Rubens Barrichello who has just passed turn 4.

It seems that the loose part broke loose of the car, shot up from the track and knocked Massa unconscious while he was approaching turn 4. The Brazilian's Ferrari continued straight on, went over the grass on the inside of the corner and then dived straight on into the tyre barrier on the outside of the high speed corner.

The Brazilian was conscious as he was moved to the helicopter. He is being transferred to a nearby hospital for a checkup.

So far it is not clear if Felipe will be ready to compete in tomorrow's Hungarian Grand Prix.

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