Massa's visitors expect full recovery

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Felipe Massa's boss at Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, has finally gotten to the AEK hospital in Budapest, where he was reminded of the 1976 crash involving Niki Lauda. "Thank God the situation is completely different this time. Felipe is on a good way and I thank God."

The Italian also added, "I'm confident and optimistic about Felipe's capacity to recover. Also because he has excellent medical care and I want to thank the staff at the AEK hospital for the work they're doing. Thank you also to Professor Sailant and Piete, who came here immediately. Their support will be fundamental also from a psychological point of view for Felipe's family and for the whole team."

"Our priority is the recovery of Felipe as a man. He has been with us for a long time and he is part of the family and not just of the team. We're all waiting for him at Ferrari and I'm convinced that we'll see him again in one of our single-seaters and that he will be again on top.

"Yesterday's race would have been perfect for Felipe. I'm heading back to Maranello with Domenicali, who will make suggestions how to substitute the Brazilian driver until he returns, which I hope will be very soon. We'll make a decision when the time is right, considering that there's a break of a month now."

Fellow Brazilian Rubens Barrichello said to the press, "I asked 'as someone who has no understanding of medicine, how will he be?' The doctor said 'most probably he is going to be 100 percent fine'."

Although most important is the opinion of the doctors themselves. When asked about if Massa will make a return racing, surgeon Robert Veres responded, "I don't know. It's too early to say anything concerning his future, regarding the race."