McLaren will be able to manage demands of both drivers says Whitmarsh

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McLaren F1 Team Principal, Martin Whitmarsh, is confident that his team will be able to manage their two top-line drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in 2010. According to Whitmarsh the duo will push each other to deliver even greater results.

Whitmarsh said to the British newspaper 'The Independent': "One of the most important tasks will be to get Jenson familiarised with our procedures, how we work at McLaren and how we go racing. He'll need to start putting names to faces, of course, but it should all be a very straightforward job for someone of his experience.

"We feel confident that, as an organisation, we'll be able to manage the demands and expectations of our drivers. Lewis and Jenson are both World Champions, they know what it takes to win, and I'm sure they'll both be very motivated to push each other to deliver even greater results. It's my job to positively harness that competitiveness for the greater benefit of the team; it's a proposition that some teams might find troubling, but which we are absolutely relishing - it's a very nice problem to have!"