Vettel and Alonso disappointed with lack of testing

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The current lack of preseason testing has race drivers Sebastien Vettel and Fernando Alonso dissapointed about the lack of seat time before the actual race season begins, as there will only be 12 days of testing which will have to be divided by at least two drivers. And with Red Bull set to miss the first test in Valencia, Vettel and his teammate Mark Webber will have even less time to prepare for the upcoming season.

Speaking to the official Formula One website, Vettel said, "Sure it's disappointing. But we will have 12 days of testing for the new car, which is plenty of time. It’s much better to spend time in the wind tunnel and on the design of the new car, so I am perfectly happy with this."

Fernando Alonso is also dishaertened, despite taking part in every test session with Ferrari: "I think the test ban is not an easy thing to solve. For sure the seven or eight days before the championship are not enough for any driver. It doesn't matter if you are new to a team or if you are at the same team as last year."

Adding, "If it's the best for the future and for saving costs we are happy, because it's what they think it's best."