BMW Sauber team up with Scalp-D

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The BMW Sauber F1 Team is pleased to announce another new partner. The logo of the Japanese hair shampoo brand Scalp-D will be visible on the rear wing endplate of the new Formula One race car as well as on the team’s trucks and garage equipment.

Produced by Angfa Co., Ltd, leading Japanese company of cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and health food. Scalp-D is a complete line of specific hair care which plays a protagonist role in the Japanese medical hair care market. Born in March 2005, it has sold more than 1.000.000 bottles so far.

Angfa’s saying is “to provide health and beauty to everyone in the world” and with Scalp-D line the way to achieve this aim is to solve hair problems. Usually people choose a shampoo according to their hair type; the revolutionary approach of Scalp-D is to start from the different types of scalp.

Source: BMW Sauber F1