Villeneuve warns for Schumi

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It is already six years since Jacques Villeneuve was running to his Formula One championship crown, which he achieved by passing Schumacher on the grass, after he attempted to knock both of them out of the race.It is however fresh in mind, and Villeneuve warned both runner-ups that Schumacher might play his dirty game again.

Michael was penalized by the FIA for his action and his second place in the standings that year was stripped from his list of achievements. However, according to Jacques, a leopard doesn’t change its spots and Montoya needs to be on guard.

"Michael has always had the fighting instinct and he has not changed. He may have achieved a lot since 1997 but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have another coming together in the heat of the moment. He may have evolved as he has gained experience but a leopard never changes its spots. The only thing now is he may think twice," British tabloid The Sun quotes the Canadian driver as saying.