Raikkonen grabs pole

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F1 Grand Prix, GP United States, Indianapolis Motor Speedwayus

Where many people expected either Montoya or Schumacher on pole, it was the third man in the battle, Kimi Raikkonen who came up with a magnificent lap to be quicker than anybody else.It is Rubens Barrichello who will have to stop Raikkonen from second spot, trying to help his teammate Schumacher.

That same Michael Schumacher commited some serious error in the first two corners, and seemingly braked a little too late for the first corner. The world champion will therefore have to start from 7th spot on the grid.

The Williams boys on the other hand did a much better job, posting Monty on 4th, just in front of his teammate Ralf Schumacher, who can play an important role in tomorrow's race. Montoya will certainly have more help of Ralf than Raikkonen might get from his teammate, as Coulthard did miss a place in front of the current world champion by just one tenth.


1.6RAIKKONENMcLaren MercedesM1'11"670210.565 Km/h3
2.2BARRICHELLOFerrariB1'11"794+ 0'00"1243
3.20PANISToyotaM1'11"920+ 0'00"2503
4.3MONTOYAWilliams BMWM1'11"948+ 0'00"2783
5.4R.SCHUMACHERWilliams BMWM1'12"078+ 0'00"4083
6.8ALONSORenaultM1'12"087+ 0'00"4173
7.1M.SCHUMACHERFerrariB1'12"194+ 0'00"5243
8.5COULTHARDMcLaren MercedesM1'12"297+ 0'00"6273
9.21DA MATTAToyotaM1'12"326+ 0'00"6563
10.7TRULLIRenaultM1'12"566+ 0'00"8963
11.17BUTTONBAR HondaB1'12"695+ 0'01"0253
12.16VILLENEUVEBAR HondaB1'13"050+ 0'01"3803
13.9HEIDFELDSauber PetronasB1'13"083+ 0'01"4133
14.14WEBBERJaguar CosworthM1'13"269+ 0'01"5993
15.10FRENTZENSauber PetronasB1'13"447+ 0'01"7773
16.15WILSONJaguar CosworthM1'13"585+ 0'01"9153
17.11FISICHELLAJordan FordB1'13"798+ 0'02"1283
18.12FIRMANJordan FordB1'14"027+ 0'02"3573
19.19VERSTAPPENMinardi CosworthB1'15"360+ 0'03"6903
20.18KIESAMinardi CosworthB1'15"644+ 0'03"9743