Stoddart denies Minardi sale

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Minardi team boss Paul Stoddart denies his team has been sold. The Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport stated that the team had been bought by an Italian consortium. Following the paper, Stoddart flew right after last Grand Prix back to Italy to conclude the deal. The Gazzetta wrote that this included the buy of Ecclestone's stake in the troubled team.

That same Bernie Ecclestone had earlier this year bought a share in Minardi. If the article of the Gazzetta is correct, Bernie will have gained 1,5 million dollar with the sale. The share he bought in july for 4,5 million would be sold for 6 million.

Stoddart denies all these statements firmly. Together with this clarification, he also noted that he, nor anyone at Minardi is negotiating with Toyota to buy engines for the coming season.