Honda prepares Suzuka engine

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After Jenson Button explained his demands for the BAR management, by slamming the reliability problems, Honda has now announced they will supply a new specification of their engine at Suzuka. BAR Honda need to get at least 2 points to be able to be fifth in the constructor's championship, while engine supplier Honda wants to shine at its home race.

Driver Jenson Button urged the team to work on the reliability of the car, with an eye on 2004. He noted that all his possibilities to get on the podium in his 4-year old F1 career have been taken away from him.

"There was no warning at all when the engine went. There was a lot of smoke and a lot of anger, I almost threw my steering wheel across the circuit which wouldn't have been too good. I got quite annoyed in the car but I couldn't do anything. It is disappointing and quite depressing. We need reliability, we shouldn't be having problems like this. It just shouldn't happen, 15 races in and we're still having problems. The difficulty is that we are pushing very hard but we've got to have a compromise."

BAR tested at Mugello (Italy) this week, fine-tuning the unit which features more revs and horsepower. Tester Anthony Davidson said he could feel more power from the Honda V10 which 'ran faultlessly.'

'We got a really positive result on everything we tested,' he said, including a completely revised rear-end that will debut in 2004.