Q+A with Sebastian Buemi

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The Spanish Grand Prix signals the start of the European part of the 2010 Formula One Championship season: a good time to ask Toro Rosso's Sebastian Buemi about the season so far and expectations for the upcoming races.

How would you describe your first part of this season? “In the past, in other formulas, I’ve had some poor starts, but in terms of experiencing bad luck and suffering from a few technical problems, I cannot remember one quite as tough as this, so it’s a case of there being a first time for everything! The first four races have been very difficult to deal with, especially when in three of them I have been knocked out by other drivers’ accidents. Therefore I hope Barcelona will be a turning point with an improvement in my situation.”

How would you assess your car, the STR5 in terms of its performance? “I believe in terms of theoretical pace, the car is certainly capable of putting us just outside the top ten, making us the sixth team, whereas currently we are eighth in the championship. We have had difficulties, but on a positive note the car is definitely competitive and I am reasonably confident that in the coming races we will be able to score points. Not only does the car show potential, but also the team is working very hard and doing a good job. You also need a bit of luck in Formula 1, so I hope this is the weekend when my luck will change for the better and I can have a trouble-free weekend, with a good result waiting at the end of it.”

Last week, you drove at Vairano, completing an aerodynamics test. Was the work you did aimed at the Spanish Grand Prix? “No, the aim was a bit more long-term, looking at developments for a bit later in the season. The main objective was to validate some of our research work, to see if the track produced the same results and data as we have seen in the wind tunnel. It went very well, which with only four aero tests permitted during the year, was very important and the team was pleased with the results we obtained. Now, the engineers have to analyse all the data thoroughly to ensure we move forward in the right direction.”

You are now well into your second F1 season. How do you feel about the job compared to your debut year? “I am much better prepared, physically and mentally and I am making far fewer mistakes than last year. Now, I have to keep pushing, because the speed is there, the ability to get a good result is also there and I have already managed some good qualifying performances. What we need to do is put together the perfect weekend, with no bad luck or technical problems, as we know how important it is to have a good Friday practice. I believe I am capable of doing much better, so I am very much looking forward to Barcelona, a track I know well, where I am convinced we can have a good race.”

The media spotlight will focus on your team-mate this weekend, as he is the “local boy.” Does the fact that Jaime now has more experience with a few more races under his belt help you, in terms of what he can bring to the team? “In the half season he did last year, he was a long way back, which made it difficult for him to contribute much in the briefings and in terms of developing the car. Now, he has improved a lot and is much faster and therefore able to provide much better feedback. This is entirely positive, as it means we can work together better to move the car forward.”

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