Drivers treated equally says Marko despite blaming Webber for Turkish incident

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Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko insits that the team is treating both drivers on an equal base despite putting the blame for the incident at Istanbul Park firmly with Mark Webber. Marko said after the race that Webber should have left more space for his German team mate.

Marko later said in the Turkish paddock: "We are handling our team and both drivers in the same way.

"Vettel was under such a lot of pressure but, if such a situation as that comes up, you have to look after the team, we still could have finished one and two and it wasn't a situation where we were racing each other.

"We were under enormous pressure from McLaren as they were much faster on the straights, so we had to gain our advantages in the corners.

"He (Vettel) had to attack otherwise he would have been overtaken by Hamilton. If the McLarens were 10 seconds behind, it would have been completely different…but that wasn't the case.

"Sebastian was already ahead, at least two metres ahead, and there was a left-handed corner coming up, so he had to go for the line; but you can't brake on the dirty side because, for sure now, he knows what can happen…the whole situation was unnecessary. We will talk with everybody quite clearly to ensure that it doesn't happen again."