At 41 you cannot keep up with the young guys says Briatore

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Former Renault F1 Team Principal Flavio Briatore declared that Michael Schumacher's comeback to Formula One was "a mistake". The flamboyant Italian said this in an interview with the official Formula One website.

Briatore: "I stick to what I said. I think when he (Schumacher) signed the contract he honestly believed that it was the right decision. The same way I think that he already knew that it was a mistake at the first serious test.

"Then he awoke to the fact of how alarmingly fast these youngsters are today. At 41, you simply cannot keep up with Rosberg and all the other guys."

In the same interview, Briatore denied rumours that he himself would return to the pinnacle of motorsport: "I want to have fun with what I'm doing - that is my motivation and not the need for a job. At the moment I wouldn't have fun in Formula One. At the moment I am happy with what I am doing … being a dad, husband, and taking care of my investments."