Vodafone and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes extend Title Partnership

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Vodafone and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes are pleased to announce the extension of their title partnership. The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes title partnership has been hugely successful, in both sporting and marketing terms, and the extension is testimony to Formula 1’s enduring global marketing appeal.

Building on major successes already achieved, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes partnership will continue to focus on developing exciting new technologies as well as engaging Vodafone’s customers in a series of innovative new marketing initiatives.

Under the new agreement, which runs until the end of the 2013 season, Vodafone will remain title partner and becomes official total communications partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Covering fixed, mobile and broadband networks, content and communication services and associated devices, the partnership will continue to drive forward the relationship with a particular focus on empowerment and technical innovation by:

– bringing Vodafone customers closer to the passion of Formula 1 through its services, events and experiences

– helping support the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team’s on-track success through greater technical integration of Vodafone’s total communications services.

Morten Lundal (Group Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone) said: “Vodafone is an international brand with strong local roots. As such, Formula 1 is a strong platform from which we can engage our customers with unique experiences and events. We’ve had great success in using the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes partnership to engage our customers in our key markets, and we’re committed to new and exciting platforms which will allow customers to get even closer to the action.”

Ron Dennis (Executive Chairman, McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive) said: “The success that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has enjoyed since our two companies’ partnership began in 2007 has been prodigious. Of the 68 Grands Prix that have been staged during our partnership, our drivers have scored 21 wins and 55 podium finishes.

“Going forward, I’m confident that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will build on and improve on our already impressive track record, delivering an ever more powerful return on investment for Vodafone, and proving once again what a formidable global marketing tool the sport of Formula 1 remains.”

Martin Whitmarsh (Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes) said: “Vodafone is without doubt the best title partner that we at McLaren have ever had.

“Why do I say that? Well, the word ‘partner’ says it all. Vodafone is our partner in a very genuine sense of that word – a very real contributor to an ever-evolving series of high-tech innovations on our cars and within our operating systems.

“That’s why I know I speak on behalf of all at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes when I say how delighted I am that our two companies have agreed not only to renew our partnership but also to relaunch it.

“As a result, we’ll tirelessly develop our technological collaborations, at the same time as engaging Vodafone’s customers in some truly innovative ways.

“I like to think that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is the most inclusive team in the world’s most exclusive sport – and, with that ethos in mind, we’ll be unveiling some very exciting Vodafone McLaren Mercedes marketing initiatives in the near future.”

Jenson Button (Driver, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and reigning FIA Formula 1 World Champion) said: “This year is my first with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, and it’s been a revelation.

“The role of a Formula 1 driver is a much envied one, often considered very glamorous, and I can’t deny that that aspect exists. But driving for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes adds an extra dimension to the mix: this year, for the first time in my life, I’ve felt I’m doing a proper job.

“That proper job is all about teamwork, all about pulling together, all about communication – and the marketing I’ve done this year has been as important in that regard as has my collaboration with our engineers. The work I’ve done with Vodafone has been particularly interesting and pleasurable.

“Moreover, the time that Lewis and I have spent together working for our title partner has enabled us to develop a very warm friendship, and some of the initiatives we’ve collaborated on have been both enjoyable and ground-breaking.

“Last but far from least, the technological contribution made by Vodafone to our on-track successes has been significant and will continue to be significant from here on in.”

Lewis Hamilton (Driver, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and 2008 FIA Formula 1 World Champion) said: “Every Grand Prix I’ve ever driven has been at the wheel of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car, and I’m thrilled that our partnership will continue into the future.

“In fact I’d have to say that the most exciting and fulfilling moments of my life have been achieved with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, and the Drivers’ World Championship that we won at that race, is perhaps the highlight so far – but working with Vodafone has also enabled me to visit places that I’d never otherwise have been to, and see some truly amazing things.

“For example, I’ve been to India and South Africa with Vodafone on a number of occasions, and have always found my visits there to be hugely rewarding.

“Having said that, I’m a racing driver. That’s what I am. I often feel I was put on Earth to race. But I understand that Formula 1 is a business as well as a sport, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done with Vodafone over the past four years.

“Equally, however, Vodafone’s technical people are great to work with too, and I know we couldn’t have achieved the on-track successes we have without them.”

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