Medium and Superfoft Potenzas for Interlagos

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Bridgestone heads to Sao Paulo with the medium and super soft compound Potenza tyres for the penultimate round of the season, the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 5-7. With the championship battle tantalisingly close to its conclusion there are sure to be fireworks on track as drivers seek to extract the maximum from Bridgestone’s tyres over the challenging anti-clockwise Interlagos circuit.

Hiroshi Yasukawa – Director of Bridgestone Motorsport, says: “Brazil is a fantastic country and the South Americas are very important markets with good growth so it is natural for Bridgestone to appreciate the strong presence here provided by the Brazilian Grand Prix. We have production facilities in Brazil and we appreciate the strong support we enjoy from all our personnel there. We have worked with so many Brazilian drivers over the years and always enjoy their feedback and appreciation. We also look forward to the very enthusiastic fans at this superb event.”

Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, says: “Interlagos is a wonderful, challenging circuit. Despite being the second shortest track which we visit, it has an impressive straight and many exciting corners. The turns are mainly medium and low speed meaning that mechanical grip and rear stability is important. The weather is often a big factor as it can range from very hot to very wet. To maximise performance, it is essential to have good car balance through the sequence of corners leading to the uphill section and start – finish section, which in many ways is reminiscent of an oval course. Braking into the first corner is a good overtaking opportunity, but also gives drivers the risk of flat spotting their tyres so caution is advised. These final races for Bridgestone should show our strong performing, but most importantly, safe tyres and also the good work by our engineers advising teams how to make best use of them.”