Ferrari to launch 2011 car at the end of January

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The Marlboro Scuderia Ferrari have announced that they will launched their 2011 campaign at the final week of this month. The team will show its new contender to the public for the first time in the week ahead of the first winter test.

This year’s championship begins in Bahrain in early March but before we arrive in the hot sandy desert, there are several testing sessions that need to be completed and new cars that need to be unveiled.

Teams are back at work, most arriving at their respective factories on Monday, however some members of the work force, such as those at Ferrari, continued their hard work, especially those appointed to the design of the new 2011 contender. In fact, in the days immediately leading up to Christmas the first new car chassis underwent and passed a series of crash tests in preparation for the new season.

It won’t be long and the new season will be upon us and Ferrari, like several of their rivals, have now announced that they plan to launch the car intended to carry the Maranello based squad to championship glory, will be unveiled to the public in the final week of this month before heading over to the “Ricardo Tormo” circuit near Valencia for their first official test of 2011 on February 1.