McLaren also reshuffles engineering department

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Just weeks before the Formula One testing season gets underway, McLaren have announced a slight reshuffling of their engineering department, as did Ferrari a few weeks back. The changes sees Tim Goss (center) taking on the role of engineering director from Paddy Lowe (left), whom has been promoted to technical director.

And alongside these two experienced engineers will be Neil Oatly (right), who continues in the role of director of design and development for the F1 team.

"It’s great for Neil and me to be joined by Tim as another director on the technical side,” explains Lowe. “With the three of us, we’ll not only be able to more efficiently spread our workload, but, through Tim & me, we’ll also share race attendance. It’s very important to have senior technical management at the racetrack, because that’s where you score the points, but, equally, if you spend all your time away then you risk overlooking some of the hard work that happens back at the factory."

“I used to be jointly responsible for the direction of our cars with Pat Fry,” explains Goss. “Now I’ve taken on both roles – but there’s obviously been some shifting of responsibilities within the team as, clearly, I can’t do the work of two people. As director of engineering, my role will be to co-ordinate a small team of project engineers who are responsible for the specification, design and development of our cars.”