Ferrari unveil evolutionary F150

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Scuderia Ferrari were the first team to unveil their 2011 car, named the F150 in honour of Italy's unification. The new car is visibly an evolution of the F10, with a similar nose cone and very alike sidepods.

First impression however show a vastly different suspension, which however retains the push rod design. The rear push rods however are now longer, allowing for a more careful and details suspension setup. The frontal wishbone attachment points are also moved considerably towards the front, quite similar to Red Bull's wishbone layout. This provides more suspension strenght while keeping these components out of the exhaust airstream.

Other car properties at first sight are the rear wing's single support and the removal of the shark fin. At the front nothing much has changed, with the nose looking very similar, the tub still being a zero-keel design and the sidepod panels looking extremely similar to those on the F10.

At the launch however, the team principal and some designers already indicated that the car would visually still change a lot during winter testing. The front wing for instance is still a 2010 specificiation, while the diffuser looks like a first iteration just to match the new regulations.

The positive of this car is how it incorporates KERS. The Ferrari F150 has no bulky sidepods like for instance the BMW Sauber in of 2009, but instead just slightly sees an increased sidepod volumne compared to its predecessor.